3D Space Christmas © 2008 by 7art-screensavers.com
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3D Space Christmas © 2008 by 7art-screensavers.com

3D Space Christmas brings an alien Christmas to your desktop
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Get ready for a completely different way to celebrate Christmas. 3D Space Christmas brings an alien Christmas to your desktop.
This unique screensaver is about Christmas, of course. But it is not a usual snowy scene up in the mountains, or a typical snowy village all covered with bright colored lights and snow. You will begin by watching a scene from outer space. Immediately the music starts to accompany during your journey. After a few shots of the Earth, the Moon, and other shiny objects, you will see that some kind of sphere or planet starts approaching. It is pretty strange, since even if it looks opaque, you start watching something in the inside. As it gets closer, you literally go onto the planet. Then the Christmas adventure begins. You might imagine a weird kind of Christmas on another planet, but the scenes are pretty much the same, showing you a Christmas tree, ornaments and everything related to this festivity.

The idea is good, the space scenes are awesome, and the music completes the setting. However, something very strange happened to me. When the screensaver triggers, you see the space scene, and all of a sudden, some kind of “sign” starts floating around. To my surprise, it was a screenshot of the loading screen. I tried it on a couple of PCs and the same thing happened. It is not completely disturbing, since it “floats” around the screen, resembling another spatial object. However, I really don’t understand it.

So if you don’t mind watching that little sign once in a while, the space scenes and the music will make you watch in delight.

FS Senior editor
Fernando Soni
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  • Awesome space scenes
  • Great music


  • The floating "sign"
  • Very demanding on PC resources



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